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10 Unique Destination Wedding Centerpieces You Would Fall For

July 4, 2018
10 Unique Destination Wedding Centerpieces You Would Fall For

Centerpieces are the first thing which comes to mind when it comes to decorating tables. Flowers, crystals, candles, bird cages, etc. Moreover, if you are planning décor for a destination wedding, you should invest in some unique centerpiece which set the tone and style of your wedding décor. So, what is not so good about centerpieces? You have thousands of options to choose from and don’t know where to begin with. Whether you have chosen a particular theme or want to keep a simple tone, a great centerpiece makes a big difference and defines the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Today, at, we have shared few stunning centerpieces which would reflect your personal style and help you decide one for your destination wedding. 

1. Flowers set in a Bohemian Style

flowers set in bohemian style.jpg

2. Bold and Exotic Flowers

bold color flowers.jpg

3. Sleek Vases with Vibrant Starfish

Sleek  vases with vibrant starfish for beach wedding table.jpg

4. Candles with Pink Roses

candles with pink roses.jpg

5. Floral Bamboo Centerpieces

floral bamboo centerpieces.jpg

6. Crystals Beautifully Combined with Flowers

crystals with flowers.jpg

7. Calla Lily Centerpieces

calla lily.jpg

8. Driftwood for a Unique Touch

driftwood centerpieces.jpg

9. Floral Terrariums: A New Trend

Floral Terrariums.jpg

10. Boxed Centerpieces

boxed centerpieces.jpg

We are sure these ideas will help you decide how should you decorate your wedding tables! If you have any unique idea, share with us in the comments below.