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10 Must-Have Shots for the Groom

March 4, 2018
10 Must-Have Shots for the Groom

The wedding day is usually perceived to be a special day for the bride, but we at know that it’s a special moment for the groom as well. We have compiled a list of ten getting ready shots just for the groom to make memories. Don’t forget to pass them on to your photographer!

The ‘Lapel Pin’ Shot

lapelpin (1).jpg lapelpin (2).jpg

The ‘Getting Ready’ Shot

gettingready (1).jpg gettingready (2).jpg

‘Goofing with the Gang’ Shot

goofinggang (1).jpg goofinggang (2).jpg (1)

The ‘Dapper’ Shot

dappershot (1).jpg dappershot (2).jpg

‘A Few Minutes to go’ Shot

fewminutestogo (1).jpg fewminutestogo (2).jpg

The ‘Final Touch-up’ Shot


The ‘Groomsmen Leading the Barat’ Shot


The ‘One With the Horse’ Shot

withthehorse (1).jpg withthehorse (2).jpg (1)

‘Gazing at His Bride’ Shot


The ‘He’s Mine!’ Shot

hesmineshot.jpg (1)

From getting ready to waiting for your bride, every moment is important. Its your big day too, guys! Take notes and be sure to take loads of solo photographs and make memories!