5 Amazing Tips to Healthier, Attractive Hair

May 4, 2017

All those Disney movies we gobbled up since childhood and not one princess having frizzy, unkempt hair that we’re cursed to struggle with.

If you look closely, hair is probably the most attractive and prominent feature of all the Disney Princesses. Take Rapunzel, Ariel, Jasmine or Pocahontas. I mean such sheer perfection of thick, bouncy and shiny hair pulled back into glorious hairdos. Okay enough with the Disney World and back to real life problems. Do you easily slip into depression caused by your bushy hair? Do you feel sad about yourself and everything seems awful because your hair would not corporate with you? No more. Remember the flawless Rapunzel hair from earlier? It can be yours if you follow these easy-peasy tips.

Avoid Hot Showers And Shampoo Your Scalp Only

Hot showers are probably the best thing about winters, in addition to coffee of course. While you love stepping under a hot shower and pondering on serious life matters for hours at length, your hair is taking all the damage. Hot water dries out the hair and causes tangles resulting in breakage. Now that you’ve cooled down the shower, it’s time to NOT scrunch a large dollop of shampoo in all your hair. Aim your shampoo only at the scalp, not the ends. Your ends don’t need scrubbing.




Be Careful With Wet Hair

Running a brush through soaking wet hair is just brutal. Wet hair is weaker and more prone to breakage. Resort to a wide-tooth comb instead and work gently from the bottom up.






  Cut Back On Heat-Styling Tools

Nothing is more damaging for your hair than using heat-styling tools on daily basis. I mean you’re advised even against a not-so-hot shower, imagine the horrors of flat iron that you torture your hair with daily. Daily use of flat iron will burn up all the moisturizer, eventually leaving your hair to look like thorny bristles. Especially, the ends.






Have Some Faith In Home Remedies

Eggs, apple cider vinegar and various oils – coconut, almond, olive or jojoba oil, are all powerhouses of nutrients that are bound to make your hair happy, healthy and shiny. Applying any one of them at least twice a week is not too big of a thing to ask for.






Eat A Healthy Diet

And here comes the most repeated and talked about advice for achieving practically anything healthy. Healthy skin, healthy body, healthy hair. Your diet is the answer to all. Vitamins play an undeniably important role in getting healthy hair. Eat fruits and enrich your hair with all the necessary vitamins.

Healthy, soft and silky hair is just a few tips away. Stay tuned for more tips about healthy skin as well.

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