2017 Makeup Trends: What’s In, What’s Out

May 4, 2017
Out with the old, in with the new – the mantra of every New Year. As 2017 rolls in, it brings with it a new world of Beauty Trends and kicks the old ones out the window.

The glossy world of beauty is ever changing. The trends appearing today in every Snapstory, Instaphoto, beautyblogs and runways, might be phased out tomorrow. So it’s best to have all the makeup trends of 2017 up your sleeves to avoid looking ‘So last year’.

IN: No-Makeup Makeup

Okay! Time to rid your skin of 7 layers of foundation. 2017 will be the year of radiant, naturally glowing face with may be a dark lippy or some color in cheeks. Now is the era of going au naturale.







OUT: Extreme Highlighting and Contouring

Gone are the days of painstakingly sculpting your face with extreme highlighting and contouring. It is now replaced by subtle bronzing and achieving a softer, natural look. You don’t believe me? Even the Queen of Contour, Kim Kardashian is preaching non-touring now. So pssst, forget about that expensive contour kit that you were saving-up for.






IN: Lip Gloss

Matte lipsticks invaded every Instagram page and celebrity face in 2016. Matt Merlots, burgundies and plums however, are going to take a beat seat in 2017. The youthful, shiny lip gloss is going to be in trend instead.







OUT: Kylie-Jenner Lips

Remember when everyone either embarrassed or bruised themselves by sucking on shot glasses to get Kylie Jenner lips. No more ladies! You no longer need to make desperate attempts at achieving a fake pout. It is so outdated. Natural looking lips are on instead.

IN: Glossy Eyelids

Along with glossy lips, 2017 is bringing glossy eyelids back too. The trick, however, is to also keep the rest of the face subtly decorated. Glossy lids could be paired with a light glossy shade of lips to achieve a more innocent and youthful touch.


OUT: Overly Done Smokey Eyes

Who else is tired of the doing the painstaking job of achieving the Perfect Smokey eyes. I know I am. Thanks to 2017, the Smokey eyes are going to get replaced either by glossy lids or other bold colors.






IN: Oval Makeup Brushes

If you’re a makeup junkie, you might have already spotted these brushed in hands of your favorite online makeup guru. If not, well 2017 will be dominated by these oval makeup brushes that will keep your foundation game strong. With smoother application and perfect blending, these brushes are the new ‘it’ trend.

OUT: Beauty Blenders

Oh, the times when every girl played around with these squishy pink buddies and left every guy wondering what in the hell those were. Well sorry ladies, it’s time to toss your stock of Beauty Blenders out now. 2017 is not the year of sponges.


 IN: Soft Natural Look

Bare, dewy, healthy, soft, natural-looking makeup is the talk of the town for 2017.

OUT: Faux Freckles

I mean what even! Having naturally sun-kissed skin is one thing but going for fake freckles is desperate and a little over the top.

Follow these hot trends and ditch the not-so-hot ones. Stay ahead on the fashion curve and impress your friends on how to rock 2017.

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